Be Still 

     Look Within

Be Still 

Look Within

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without stress and suffering?

Or if there is a purpose to all that we go through? Have you asked big questions like: can humanity be saved, and if we are even worth saving? Have you felt an intense longing to be free, to embrace yourself and another with unconditional acceptance, or to experience love without fear and hurt? Or an urge to go beyond limited perceptions, transcend a narrow sense of self, and experience oneness with all life?

These are a few of the questions that set us on a path of transformation nearly 3 decades ago. We sought answers, explored various philosophies, served as monks for over 20 years, met and taught seekers from across the globe, and experienced profound states of consciousness. Over time, many questions were answered, and a few simply dissolved. However, in the process, we were blessed with something far more valuable than what we originally pursued. A feeling of indescribable connection with all existence, immense peace, bliss, and an understanding of the oneness of human experience.

Inner Freedom Global® was born as a result of our journey. It is our offering for all those who prioritize their transformation and well-being, who have similar questions and struggles as we did, and who are passionate about experiencing life the best way they can. It is for seekers and students who are ready to take charge of their inner world, elevate their experience, and transform their lives.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to join us and explore our programs. We would love to support you in your journey, so you too can find your answers, and experience the immeasurable peace, love, and joy you deserve and are capable of.

“When we move beyond all forms of suffering, disconnection, and division to embody the fundamental truth that we are and have always been ONE, we transform our experience, our lives, and uplift the world.”

- Matthew & Priya

About Matthew & Priya

For close to 30 years now, we have been blessed to live a life of service. As teachers and former monks, we have supported countless individuals to transform their lives. We have witnessed hearts heal, families come together and organizations renew their vision.

It is these experiences along with our own personal journey of expansion and oneness that has inspired us to create ‘Inner Freedom Global®

Our vision is to offer a body of work that can help individuals move beyond all forms of stress and suffering to experience inner freedom; transcend disconnection and divisiveness to experience connection.

For we know the greatness that can come forth when the mind awakens to a higher meaning and purpose. As well as the fulfillment that arises when the heart opens up to love and a greater sense of unity.

We know the potential that can get unleashed when one goes through inner transformation. It has the power to radically redefine our personal and collective destiny.

If you too believe that our lives and societies need transformation, built on the foundations of inner freedom and connection, rather than division, suffering, and conflict, we invite you to be a part of this work. Let us together create a beautiful life for ourselves, our families, and this world.

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“Our life is a blessing made possible by innumerable factors, including the care, wisdom, and contributions of countless people, past and present. We are grateful to every one of them. With this gratitude in our hearts, we dedicate this work as our contribution to serve humanity and our home, our beautiful planet. We wholeheartedly invite you to experience, enjoy and be a part of it.”

- Matthew & Priya